Detailed description of project


The study analysed and assessed current and future road network conditions in Aleppo’s Old City. It identified and studied the effectiveness of different solutions (new road infrastructures, re-organisation of Public Transport facilities, and traffic management solutions).


The project’s main purpose was to set a program for the proposed works to develop the whole network’s performance, and improve accessibility to the Old City. The study covered data collection and surveys (manual counts, automatic counts, OD and road survey), model calibration using EMME/2 tools, and testing the impacts of all development options (infrastructure and traffic regulations). The objective was to build a reliable model that the Municipality can update for monitoring the execution of programs and projects.


According to the study’s recommendations, an Implementation Plan was proposed for the 2007-2022 period.


The project was carried out in association with the Civil Engineering Department -University of Tishreen.



Services provided


  • Organization and follow-up of the site survey, results analysis and creation of a data base.
  • Field survey for road characteristics.
  • Calibration of a traffic model and a reference case.
  • Testing the impact of different options: Infrastructures, Traffic regulation, Dedicated lines for buses.
  • Selection of optimal options based on benefits / impacts assessments.
  • Implementation Plan for 2007-2022.