Detailed description of project


Developing a comprehensive urban transport strategy for Syria's main cities (Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, Lattakia), with a focus on institutional aspects to improve the performances of public transport companies and facilitate contribution of the private sector.


The global objective was to reinforce the Syrian Ministry of Transport capacity in dealing with strategic, regulatory, and policy issues of urban transport in these large cities.


The Urban Transport Strategy team carefully examined existing strategies and recommended a comprehensive urban transport strategy (including institutional and legal aspects) for large cities in Syria, based  on existing conditions, available data and information. The main issues considered in the project were:


  • The strategic options for Urban Transport
  • Overview of Master plan for the cities
  • Framework for Urban Traffic Management


The project was carried out in association with  ELARD Syria and Hydroplan


Services provided


  • Assessment of strategic options for urban transport
  • Recommendations for action plans and a framework for urban traffic management, in order  to develop an efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable urban transport system.
  • Recommendation for key measures and low enforcement to secure the implementation of a comprehensive urban traffic management system (mainly: on-street parking regulation, car parking facilities, area traffic control, and mass transit supply)
  • Outline for an urban transport strategy in Damascus
  • Proposal of procedures to integrate transport planning into land use master plans.
  • Review of legislative and regulatory provisions of the urban transport sector in accordance with the proposed strategy
  • Identification of opportunities for PPP scheme (Public Private Partnership)
  • Review of relevant urban transport strategies in countries undergoing transition for reference.