Detailed description of project


As a representative of INRO Consultants, the main distributor of the EMME tools in the Middle East, TMS Consult conducts EMME training courses in compliance with INRO’s general rules. This is a completely revised beginner/intermediate level course, with sessions held over 5 days.


The first session covers a general presentation of the approach and software (EMME): concept, functions, limitations, applicability, strengthens /weaknesses, along with a series of common transportation planning tasks. The second session addresses modelling of supply and demand: characterization of the components, constitution of the data bases (data input and management of results), parameters and the interface with its graphic tools. The third and final session is dedicated to assignments, simulations and calibration: mono-modal, split modal, toll roads, master plan, circulation plan, indicators of performance. TMS Consult was also committed to providing technical assistance to engineers.



Services provided



  • Training courses on EMME.
  • Applications in Urban and interurban contexts.
  • Technical assistance for modelling and calibration projects with EMME tools.
  • Assistance in Traffic counts, OD surveys and stated preference surveys.