Detailed description of project


A Road Safety Audit (RSA) is the safety performance examination of a road. It encounters potential road safety issues and identifies oppor- tunities which could improve safety environment for all road users in- cluding pedestrians, bus users and workers.
Road Safety Audits are presented and prepared in accordance with the «Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Volume 5 (British Stan- dards for RSA HD 19/03)».
Road Safety Audits were executed for 4 projects on the basis of detailed design. Those are:


- Tripoli Eastern Ring Road (6.5 km)
- Bir El Haith- Qartaba Road (8.5 km)
- A1 Road -Northern entrance of Beirut (10.5 km)
- Syr Bypass and link road to Bakhoun (14.4 km)



Services provided
• Traffic Safety Analysis including road accident data collection.
• Analysis and evaluation of the available detailed geometric design provided by the client
• Analysing road safety problems according to the British Standards for RSA
• Proposing amendments / improvements in order to reach road safety requirements