Detailed description of project


The project aimed to revive Syria’s potential as a major gateway to Middle Eastern markets along multi-modal corridors. Specific Objectives included:


(i)     Improvement proposals for transport chains linking the Ports of Tartous and Lattakia with the main hinterland transport corridors.

(ii)   Pre-feasibility studies for the two most promising transit chain infrastructure projects selected from a list of proposed strategic options.


The main tasks were the modelling of major axes, the economic feasibility study, and road maintenance development strategies.


The core objective of establishing Syria as a focal multimodal transport point for the region, effectively connecting the Middle East with the Mediterranean Sea routes, guided the study that addressed all aspects of implementation, and concluded with phase 2 action plans and a report on Capacity Building.


The project was carried out by the consortium BMT, NESTEAR and TREDIT.


Services provided


  • Transport Demand Analysis, and traffic modelling using GIS tolls and STAN.
  • Product studies and forecasts analysis for the main freights flows.
  • Ports concession study and elaboration of tender documents.
  • Transport Chain Efficiency Assessment (Procedures modernisation, ports development, inter-modality projects...).
  • Elaboration of scenarios and strategies for the development of land transport modes.
  • Feasibility analysis of four dry ports.
  • Pre-feasibility studies (technical and economical) for the main freight corridors.
  • Action plan for the short and medium terms.
  • Capacity building program.